Friday, September 27, 2013

Futurism : Will Europe survive its wild horses

For some few years that i have been reading and following events unfold across Europe, i have had a bizarre feeling of the most bizarre future of Europe. The financial crisis has changed and continues to rapidly change many European countries for the worse. This disaster has lead to the collapse of many philosophies and ideals. And an increasing migration of people across continents and imaginary boundary lines creates panic and fear.

If you believe in evolution as formulated by Darwin, then you're right to consider this an evolutionary process. As riots upon riots set in across many cities, so will common sense loose grounds. The signs are clear as many major European countries shift towards right-wing politics. This is a dire consequence for foreigners or migrants especially non-caucasians.

Economic conditions in Europe are fast changing the way many issue are solved. An increase to information accessibility to general populace is creating a well-informed generation. Albeit an over-load of information is creating sects or cults as people seek for information that only asserts their views. People are sticking to their views and seeking only those who share in similar views.  The death of reasoning and  argumentation.

Europe's access to many markets will shrink as Asia gets stronger and USA will either become heavily militarized to fight off anything against its interest or face stronger opposition from other nations who feel threatened by the US dominance.  Economics, especially debt-management, will play a big role in the coming years for global players.

The mistrust among leadership will create an environment for bad leaders to rise. These leaders will not follow the rules and norms but will make their own choices irrespective of global issues.  Many similar leaders will create the conducive environment for a major calamity :(.

As Asian markets become stronger and more competitive, African markets will benefit.  More competition for African products and goods and services will open wider opportunities for many Africans. Many resources which in years past were obtained for pittance will increase in cost as Asian markets will also be bidding for such products.

** To be continued