Monday, August 1, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik and the future of Europe.

Anders Breivik, currently a household name in Norway and many other parts of the world,might be well remembered for the atrocities caused to Norwegians at large.In as much as there's hatred for his act of terrorism the issues he raises should not be swept under the carpet.

Anders' is not an isolated case of extreme hatred and indignation towards minority in Europe albeit the most horrendous. The increase in right wing groups across Europe is disturbing if not worrisome. Some commentator argue that the media has propagated a liberal message to hide these real issues.

Several cases of mistreatment towards immigrants have been left untouched to rot in dockets. Several groups keep springing with hatred. This is not a solely Jewish hatred but also hatred for non-european looking people. This of course is problematic; as such definitions are gradually becoming a nuace due to globalization.

Of course, the stereotype created by the media of immigrants and other minorities is the what is creating such hate. The numbers keep increasing of hate crimes, of abuse and or on-towards behaviour.

The future is looking like a racial war for supremacy and hate will be its fuel. The numerous far-right parties gaining power in the seat on EU and several european countries should be a fore-warning of what is to come. That many europeans are getting worried about their daily living and benefits.

---to be continued.