Monday, January 6, 2014

The African Spirits

Even in those centuries, they abhorred  corrupt people,
Here we are, filled with all the Godly people,
Whiles toddlers and infants die of malaria and measles.
Wondering how the Spirits will render us clean of these malady,
Wondering how the spirits shall lead us to Electricity and Water.

Here we are, sitting in abundance and shame,
Our amulets began to wane when we threw our hands inane,
We are back to centuries afore when The vultures landed ashore,
O sour memory of extorted kisses,
Promises mutilated by daily whisperings,
Known men, we never really knew,
To our satisfaction, we christen them; Spirits.
-Kwesi Moore

Once while reading an article from an online outlet, i read a post where an African Bishop blames the woes of the land to Spirits. I was a bit upset but on a second thought acknowledged the sense in what he said. Truly, the African leaders are Spirits. The poem was a 15 minutes thought with two lines inspired by David Diop's, The Vulture.