Friday, September 27, 2013

Futurism : Will Europe survive its wild horses

For some few years that i have been reading and following events unfold across Europe, i have had a bizarre feeling of the most bizarre future of Europe. The financial crisis has changed and continues to rapidly change many European countries for the worse. This disaster has lead to the collapse of many philosophies and ideals. And an increasing migration of people across continents and imaginary boundary lines creates panic and fear.

If you believe in evolution as formulated by Darwin, then you're right to consider this an evolutionary process. As riots upon riots set in across many cities, so will common sense loose grounds. The signs are clear as many major European countries shift towards right-wing politics. This is a dire consequence for foreigners or migrants especially non-caucasians.

Economic conditions in Europe are fast changing the way many issue are solved. An increase to information accessibility to general populace is creating a well-informed generation. Albeit an over-load of information is creating sects or cults as people seek for information that only asserts their views. People are sticking to their views and seeking only those who share in similar views.  The death of reasoning and  argumentation.

Europe's access to many markets will shrink as Asia gets stronger and USA will either become heavily militarized to fight off anything against its interest or face stronger opposition from other nations who feel threatened by the US dominance.  Economics, especially debt-management, will play a big role in the coming years for global players.

The mistrust among leadership will create an environment for bad leaders to rise. These leaders will not follow the rules and norms but will make their own choices irrespective of global issues.  Many similar leaders will create the conducive environment for a major calamity :(.

As Asian markets become stronger and more competitive, African markets will benefit.  More competition for African products and goods and services will open wider opportunities for many Africans. Many resources which in years past were obtained for pittance will increase in cost as Asian markets will also be bidding for such products.

** To be continued

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When Hitler Visited Linz.

Today marks the 75th year of Hitler's speech in Linz, Austria. Hitler was born in 1889 at the Gasthof zum Pommer, a town on the border with Bavaria, Germany. When Hitler was three, the family moved to Passau, Germany. In 1894 the family relocated to Leonding (near Linz). After many years of service in Germany and rising to the leadership of the country. He finally gets to visit Linz.

The preceding days were tumultuous and angst-gripping as He did not give a direct plan for his invasion. Nonetheless, the German troops walked into some Austrian cities and took over within days without waging war. Many Austrians were struck with fear about the Nazis' invasion. Some cities had armed themselves in the face of the invasion but his address from Linz changed the fate of many. With thunderous cheers of "Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!" broadcast across Bavaria and the other cities, the Nazis' had captured Austria. He was back to his land of birth and his aim was to rebuild it and give it a  befitting status. The main city center in Linz used to be called "Adolf Hitler platz" during those years of the occupation...

From a Balcony at the old Rathaus (City center), this is what he had to say:

"I thank you all for your words of greetings. But above all I thank you who are assembled here and testified to the fact that it is not the will and desire of only a few to establish this great Reich of the German race, but the wish and the will of the German Volk (people)!"

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"There be those among you this evening, our reputed international truth-seekers, who will not only perceive for themselves this reality, but admit it afterward too. When i first  set forth from this city, i carried within me exactly the same devout that fills me today. Try to fathom my inner emotion at having finally made this faithful pledge come true after so many long years."

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"The fact that providence once summoned me forth from this city to the leadership of the Reich, must have meant it was giving me a special assignment, and it can only have been  the assignment of restoring my cherished home to the German Reich! "

"I...[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!] I have believed in this assignment, i have lived and fought for it, and i believe i have now fulfilled it!"

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"May you all witness and vouch for this! I do not know when you yourselves will be summoned. I hope the time is not far off. Then you shall be asked to stand up to your own pledge, and it is my belief that i will be able to point to my homeland with pride before the entire German Volk.

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"The outcome must then prove to the world that any further attempt to tear this Volk assunder will be in vain."

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"Just as you will then under an obligation to make your contribution to make your obligation to this German future, the whole of Germany is likewise willing to make its contribution."

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"And this, it is already doing today! May you see in the  German soldiers who are marching here this very hour from all the Gaus of the Reich fighters willing and prepared to make sacrifices for the unity of the great German Volk as a whole, and for ..."

[Crowd shouting: Hitler!Hitler!Hitler!]

"...and for the power and the glory and splendor of our Reich, now and forever!Deutschland, Sieg Heil!"

[Crowd shouting: Sieg Heil!Sieg Heil!Sieg Heil!]


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Job creation: Thinking aloud!

What can a million dollar do towards relevant and sustainable job creation. The issue of job creation is really important and whiles governments all over seriously deliberate how to create jobs for their citizenry same must be done for the Ghanaian or African.

Firstly, the government has a problem of wealth distribution, poverty alleviation and jobs for the numerous graduating students from the tertiary institutes, vocational institutes,etc. The trip towards poverty alleviation is not through freebies at all levels of the society. If government can radically introduce sharp solutions which i hope to propose a few in this article, it will be a leap towards poverty alleviation.

Start-ups, Start-ups and Start-ups: What can a million dollar achieve? Firstly , why can't government learn from the organizers of events like Ghana Most Beautiful, Miss Ghana, Miss Universe, Miss Malaika,  etc? In almost all these events, which aim towards unearthing the talents of the youth, the organizers travel across the length and breadth of the nation. From one region to another , they organize miniature events to select usually the best two or three people. Similarly, government can create regional competition among the youth (i am not careful enough for this definition); with a million dollar, each region can get an equivalent of 100,000dollars. Even if the best three are selected and the amount shared amongst them (i.e. a minimum of 30,000dollars) , this will be 30 start-ups every year. Government can provide an office space to help these start-ups for a period of five years to ensure their sustainability and survival since it stands to benefit immensely with each success. If the government decides to commit to this for a decade, this will result in 300 start-ups. Of course, its such start-ups which will create some employment for the teeming graduates in the society.

Copy-Right: If there is any administrative assistance to help poverty alleviation then it certainly must be Copy-right. Most developments start off as competitions which finally creates competitors in a market. As can be clearly observed, in all thriving markets in Ghana where there are recognized and healthy competitors, there's a drive for quality and uniqueness in brand. Lets consider the movie industry, its clear some producers have tried enough to create a unique label for their work e.g. Sparrow production, etc. This does not only enhance their creative ideas but also distinguishes them from their competitors.  Also consider the competition among musicians and acknowledge what these professional entertainers are doing; they are creating that niche for their endeavors. Some of which sometimes leads to bad rivalry like Shatta Wale and Samini. This is clearly the case for all aspects of life. Government must recognize the individual efforts of the youth who are earnestly trying to create a living from the ingenuity. Copy-right laws are the sure way to enable people earn a living by their creativity. This will encourage individuals to be creative whiles expecting rewards for their ideas backed by governments protection. This will similarly help to create more jobs. Imagine what will happen for every one creative idea that yields a company. Most of the people living in Ghana live by copying and a copy-right law will be ideal to help inventors receive the appropriate rewards for the effort.

Decentralization : The current system where every instruction must be taken in Accra and sent to the regions creates more systematic lapses and increases inefficiencies. A gradual systematic change towards a more decentralized system of governance is vrey appropriate. Election of District and Municipal Executives should be considered as a means towards decentralization and poverty alleviation. How will decentralization cure the canker poverty alleviation? Decentralization increases accountability to the citizenry, this removes several redtapeism, nepotism and yields a significant reduction to corruption. Election of MMDCEs will for example give an autonomy to the direction of development of the districts and dissolve the presidency from such debacles as occurs often regarding the selection of MMDCEs. An elected official will run on his policies towards improving the living conditions of the people in the district. It'll sensitize the citizenry on what is relevant for their various communities. An improved disctrict or municipality will finally yield an improved country at large.

Decentralization of the health system for instance will prevent unecessary health workers strike actions whiles improving the health conditions of many people. Collective contracts usually leads to strike. If hospitals are made to hire health professionals they need, it'll encourage professionals to work on themselves and aim for top positions are performance. When all medical doctors are lumped into promotion based on years of service, there is no incentive to acquiriing knowledge and setting new standards as it won't really pay much dividend. There's no incentive to trying to find something groundbreaking in the profession. For example, decentralization of the health system can be done region-wise or district-wise. I think this will improve significantly the health delivery and the living conditions of people. Good health is the most significant poverty reduction. It'll create new jobs as health professionals will recognize new needs in the system.

To be continued...