Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You were never out of his sight

There is a young couple who had been married for a couple of years. One day, because of some illness, the wife became blind. Fortunately, her office let her keep her job. It was very difficult for her to learn Braille, use walking stick, but gradually she learned what she had to. This also included having to learn about how to use public transportation since they live in the big city and had no car.

That first week, her husband accompanied her to work. He taught her how to walk from their apartment to the bus stop, how to take the bus and count the stops. She had to get down after the 8th stops, and she would make her way into the building. The husband talked to the bus drivers so they would understand the situation and watch out for the wife during her daily journey. He accompanied and taught her every day during the first week. And then come the day when she has to try on her own. She found her way to the bus stop. She got on the correct bus and exited after 8 stops. She found her building and her office just as they had practiced. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. She had done it.

As she was about to exit the bus on Friday, the bus driver said to her,
“Your husband must really love you.”
A little confused she asked, “Why do you say that?”
He answered, “You haven’t known it, but every day this week he has followed our bus on his bicycle. He has watched to make sure that you got on the right bus and got off at the right stop. He has been waiting for you at your bus stop every day after work. He has been there for you the whole time, even though you did not realize it. God’s given you a good husband.
You were never out of his sight, even though he was never in yours.”

Isn’t God also like this man? We are never out of His sight, even though He might never be in ours.He is the one who has led us to our school/office and keep us safe when we drive home. He is the one who has cared, blessed and kept each of us during 2009. And He will also be the one who cares, blesses and keeps us during the upcoming years.

God always be with us

(The story is taken from a sermon in IBC Madrid by Pastor Tim)