Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Late

Let me share this Incident story with you:

In my hometown,Saltpond,lived a woman i shall name "Esi".One day,she woke up from bed in the middle of the night and had a sudden strange feeling for a need.Yes,a need!A nostalgia for Christ Jesus.she told herself ;"i will accept Him next year" and quickly continued to sleep. 30mins later,she was awake again with this same feeling.she said "I will do it next month" and continued to sleep.she was awakened by this strangeness of feelings,finally satisfying her conscience,she said "next week" and slept peacefully.

Two days later,she was diagnosed of malaria.on the third day of treatment,she died.She was Two days away from knowing that Christ Jesus Loved her and cared for her.

Dear reader,my desire is for you to know that,tomorrow may be too late to accept Him. Today may be the turning point.all you need to do is ask Him to help you.