Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daily Savings Miracle

Today is Sunday, my first experience with day-light savings. As i sat by my computer counting on the time to see the awe of life. The beauty in the eyes of the Creator.

The idea to change shift forward in time is pretty nice to someone who'll be spending a week in this society. My clock went from 1am to 3am.Oh!What might could have made this? What wisdom could have carved this?What intelligence could have uncovered this? Alas, people will soon wonder why bother?

As we struggle through life, one thing that makes me perpetually confounded is the banality of
this life. To live is really a miracle, to live in good health is even more. A colleague asked a question,i consider remarkable,thus,

"Would anyone appreciate life if there was no death?Would anyone appreciate the value of freedom if they have never been a captive?"

i didn't think far to know how great our God is. He confuses the very intelligence of man and when asked why He does so? He answers "My ways are not your ways."His miracles are always with us and yet He looks on even when we don't show Him appreciation.

As you change your time today know that He is God alone. He flung the sun to burn in space and makes the night-moon borrows light from the day.